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Who the H311 is Gina Stewart?

If you're reading this page it's probably because you already know me personally or you were trying to stalk someone else and found me. Woops.  I'm Gina Stewart! After stealing the domain GinaStewart.com away from all the other, and arguably more important, "Gina Stewarts" in the world (and from attempts at googling myself I noticed there are many: a Preacher, Actress and Realtor, all of whom more worthy and probably not thrilled at my procurement of our name), I decided to make a website of Gina Stewart: the arguably a little peculiar, always up to something, but not famous one.

Since childhood, I always had a close relationship with my Dad. Maybe more accurately, from an early age I remember my Dad making fun of me... and I eventually learned to reciprocate his showing of affection. There's a Christmas video of me about 6 years old, my Dad's voice behind the camera asking an innocent wide-eyed little me,  "Gina, did you tell everybody about the beauty pageant you were in?" Not quite wise to my old man's antics, sweet innocent Gina beamed a smile to the camera and shook my little head "no", expectant that my loving Dad would say something about how pretty I looked. Instead my Dad (aka Big Bob or Big Stew), continued "No? You didn't tell everyone about how you got second place?" slight pause, I am still stupidly grinning, shaking my head. "You got second place... and all the other little girls tied for first?" Hmm. Ouch. That's my Dad. 

Why do I tell this story? Because my Dad is the direct and indirect inspiration behind all my bizarre little enterprises.

Enterprise #1: SickWit Cartoons: My Dad has written single panel cartoons (kind of like the Far Side) for as long as I can remember. And that's not a passive activity, he's literally wirtten 16,000 or so. Not being economically savvy or bright, I always told him that when he died I wanted to inherit his cartoons. After the company I was working for went under, I took to a new cause.  I decided my Dad couldn't enjoy the success I would bring to his passion postheumously, so I took up the calling as a job. You can check out a small sample of these thousands of works at www. SickWit.com

Enterprise #2: Photoshop: I mentioned earlier that I eventually learned to reciprocate my Dad's showing of affection via  embarrassment. Big Bob has never been one for material gifts, he always encouraged me to be creative and use my brain. My Dad had head-shots made for what would have been an impressive acting career had he actually been able to act and he used his personalized and signed head-shots as actual gifts. I decided Big Bob deserved the same, so for Fathers Day I made a head-shot of my own. One of the better pictures I've ever taken of myself, it's a facial close up with me giving the middle finger in the foreground and overlayed text reading, "Happy  Father's Day" (actual pic to the left). Framed and wrapped, it made an ideal gift, but one my Mother is content to hide on a top shelf away from guests line of sight. It started a tradition to this day that includes my favorite muse being made fun of via embarrassing photoshops, poems, and other "creative" pursuits. My poorly crafted work has gotten around where others now volunteer for me to make fun of them. Who would have thought?! Thanks, Dad. You can see much of it here and hope you could have had a daughter as loving as me. 

Enterprise #3: Advising Men in Online Dating. I started doing the online dating thing, and until this point, unsuccessfully. After reading countless profiles and emails, it didn't take me long to realize that men were clueless! I could write a book about all the stupid things they say and do. It DID take me a while to realize I literally COULD WRITE A BOOK with all the information I'd acquired. So I did. And I started finding dudes that wanted to pay me for my womanly advise and marketing skills. And between the two, I made a consulting business. So how did my Dad play into this? Well I would like to blame him for my being single in the first place-- I can't seem to find anyone to make fun of me like he does, and we all know girls date guys like their fathers. You can see more info on this enterprise at www.expertonlinedating.com

Happy Father's Day
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